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Aggravated Robbery

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Aggravated Robbery Defense Attorney in Chicago

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In Illinois, there is a fine line between standard robbery and aggravated robbery charges. The difference in the penalties for these crimes, however, is substantial. If convicted of aggravated robbery, you could face a far longer prison sentence and even harsher penalties.

At the Law Office of Steven Fine, we stand up for the criminally accused. Our aggravated robbery defense attorney in Chicago can craft and present an effective case on your behalf. Our goal is to get your charges reduced or to have your case dismissed altogether. Whatever the circumstances of your situation may be, rest assured that we have your best interests in mind. Attorney Steven Fine is poised and ready to fight for you.

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What Is Aggravated Robbery?

In Illinois, robbery is defined as taking someone else’s property by threatening to use force. It is a class 2 felony with a possible prison sentence of three to seven years.

Aggravated robbery, the slightly heightened charge, is when the perpetrator indicates to the victim that they have a dangerous weapon – even if they were not armed at all.

A dangerous weapon could be:

  • A gun
  • An ax
  • A sword
  • A knife
  • A bludgeon

Aggravated robbery is a class 1 felony. If convicted, you could face anywhere from four to 15 years in prison on top of hefty fines and other consequences. Given the severe penalties associated with this crime, it is vital that you retain a knowledgeable and trusted aggravated robbery defense lawyer in Chicago. Attorney Steven Fine is up to the challenge.

How to Beat an Aggravated Robbery Charge 

At the Law Office of Steve Fine, we specialize in defending individuals facing aggravated robbery charges in Chicago. As experienced Chicago aggravated robbery lawyers, we recognize the gravity of these charges and their potential impact on your life. When you choose our firm, you can expect a strong and strategic defense tailored to your specific circumstances. While we provide general guidance, we highly recommend consulting with our skilled attorney to evaluate the details of your case.

Here are some potential steps to beating an aggravated robbery charge in Illinois:

  • Engage legal representation: Retain the services of a seasoned Chicago aggravated robbery lawyer who deeply understands the complexities surrounding such cases. Our attorney will thoroughly assess the evidence against you, identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case, and develop a powerful defense strategy.
  • Carefully analyze the evidence: Our attorney will review all available evidence, including witness testimonies, surveillance footage, forensic analysis, and other pertinent information specific to your case. This detailed examination aims to identify inconsistencies, gaps, or constitutional violations that can weaken the prosecution's case.
  • Challenge identification: If your case relies heavily on eyewitness identification, our attorney will rigorously scrutinize its accuracy. We will investigate the identification procedure for flaws or factors that could have influenced witness perception or memory, aiming to cast doubt on the reliability of the identification.
  • Evaluate intent and elements: Aggravated robbery charges require establishing specific intent and elements, such as using force or threatening violence. Our attorney will carefully assess whether the prosecution can prove all the necessary elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Any weaknesses or lack of evidence in establishing these elements can weaken the case against you.
  • Utilize alibi or lack of evidence: Our attorney will leverage this in your defense if you have a strong alibi or insufficient evidence directly linking you to the crime. We will present compelling evidence or witnesses to support your alibi and challenge the prosecution's evidence to raise doubts about your involvement.
  • Negotiate plea bargain: In cases where the evidence against you is substantial, our attorney may negotiate with the prosecution to secure a favorable plea bargain. This could involve reducing the charges or seeking alternative sentencing options that mitigate the potential consequences you face.

It is essential to remember that each case is unique, and the most effective defense strategy will depend on the specific circumstances. You can benefit from personalized guidance tailored to your case by consulting with our skilled Chicago aggravated robbery lawyers. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation and build a strong defense.

Why Choose the Law Office of Steven Fine?

As a pragmatic and accomplished criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Steven Fine has the experience needed to effectively defend you against an aggravated robbery charge. Your case is in good hands at our firm.

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Defendant was found not guilty of all charges. People v JV

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