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Trafficking illegal drugs and controlled substances in Illinois is considered one of the worst drug crimes in the state. If you are facing charges of drug trafficking, it’s imperative to seek legal representation from an experienced and trustworthy Chicago drug crime attorney.

At the Law Office of Steven Fine, our criminal defense attorney has defended the rights of the accused for more than 20 years. We can conduct an extensive investigation into your case, analyze evidence collected by law enforcement and interview witnesses and all persons involved to provide you with an effective defense strategy.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Chicago

Drug trafficking in Chicago refers to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs or controlled substances. Penalties depend on the type of drug, the quantity ceased by law enforcement and the circumstances involving the arrest.

Kinds of drugs are penalized differently, so you can face different charges for trafficking:

Individuals convicted of drug trafficking will be sentenced to a minimum prison term “not less than twice the minimum term” or a maximum prison term “not more than twice the maximum term.” Drug trafficking can be classified anywhere between a Class 3 felony and a Class X felony.

Charge Type Minimum Penalty Penalty for Convicted Drug Trafficking
Class 3 Felony: 2-5 years in prison 4-10 years in prison
Class X Felony: 15-60 years in prison 30-120 years in prison

Being convicted of drug trafficking can severely impact the rest of your life. It is of utmost importance that if you have been charged, you seek legal representation from our lawyers at the Law Office of Steven Fine.

Drug Trafficking Defense Strategies

If you have been charged with drug trafficking, the prosecution in your case will try to prove without a reasonable doubt that you (1) knowingly (2) traveled with an illegal drug (3) with the intent to deliver it elsewhere. Our criminal defense team can help poke holes in the prosecution's attack and ensure that there is reasonable doubt in your case.

Our firm can defend you by proving:

  • You were unaware that you were trafficking drugs
  • Your age (13 years or younger) qualifies for infancy
  • Insanity influenced your case
  • You were under compulsion or duress
  • Entrapment influenced your involvement

Our criminal defense lawyer has extensive knowledge and insight into drug laws in Illinois. We can successfully navigate the legalities of your case and help you protect your rights and your future.

Have an Attorney on Your Side

Since drug trafficking can also be a federal crime, you may feel helpless due to the severity of the charges. Our Chicago defense attorney possesses the in-depth knowledge of the state and federal laws and has experience from both sides of the courtroom. Let us fight for you while you get your life back on track.

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