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If I Was Convicted of a Felony in Illinois, Can I Still Vote?


One of the most important rights all Americans have is the right to vote. Although you are not required to do so, voting enables you to have your voice heard and participate in our democracy. 

However, if you were previously convicted of a felony, there are several states that do not allow felons to vote. Fortunately, Illinois is not one of those states. 

In the Prairie State, you were previously convicted of a felony, your voting rights are automatically reinstated after completing your sentence, whether serving time in prison or through a work-release program. If you were convicted and currently on probation or parole, you can still vote if you are not in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections. 

If you felon who is a first-time voter or haven’t voted in years, you must complete voter registration or re-register to vote. As long as your name is not on the felony conviction list – which is handled through the Illinois Secretary of State – you are eligible to vote. If the registry has not updated your current status, you must provide proof that you served your sentence. 

Remember, Illinois is one of many states with same-day registration provisions, which means you can register to vote on election day. 

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