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Avoid These Common Holiday Crimes


The holidays are all about spending quality time with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, or taking a much-needed vacation from the daily stresses of life. However, there are certain crimes that tend to happen more frequently during this time of year. In order to avoid spending the season behind bars, you must be aware of these offenses. 

The most common crimes that occur over the holidays include: 

  • DUI – Holiday celebrations – whether it’s a family gather or work party –are often associated with drinking alcohol, which is why there is a significant rise in drunk driving accidents starting from the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving (commonly known as Blackout Wednesday) until New Year’s Day. Police departments all over Illinois and across the United States tend to send more officers on patrol and set up more sobriety checkpoints to catch suspected drunk drivers and keep the roads safe. 

  • Sex crimes – Not only can intoxication lead drunk driving, but it can also make people vulnerable to rape or sexual assault, especially women. Because alcohol is highly water-soluble and women – in general – have lower water content compared to their male counterparts, they often reach a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) if they drink alcohol at the same rate as men. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says excessive drinking is a common factor in sex crimes. 

  • Theft crimes – The stress of the holidays and the pressure to give loved ones the gifts they want may cause people to commit theft. Because malls and stores are often overcrowded with holiday shoppers, the sheer numbers overwhelm retail workers and security guards, which makes such conditions favorable to shoplifters. Although many people now do their holiday shopping online, their mail and packages are still vulnerable to “porch pirates,” who steal mail and packages from homes shortly after delivery. 

  • Burglary – Many families who own homes take long vacations lasting several days or even a few weeks. Unfortunately, empty homes are vulnerable to burglaries. However, modern homes are equipped with high-tech security systems and doorbell cameras, so you may think twice about attempting to steal from an unoccupied home. Plus, neighbors are ever watchful of suspicious activity within the community. 

  • Domestic Violence – When you combine holiday stress with being around family members more than any other time of year. But when you add alcohol consumption or even drug use, pent-up frustrations can boil over and result in an assault or worse. If you have issues with a certain member of your family, try to resolve them through professional help. 

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