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Domestic Violence Arrests & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in stay-at-home orders being issued in Illinois and the other states throughout the country. Not only do these orders require residents to stay in their homes, but they also caused many businesses to shut down until further notice, which has caused millions of people to lose their jobs. 

When you combine being around family every day and throughout each day, unemployment, and the financial stress of paying the bills, this type of situation can lead to domestic violence. While domestic violence increases whenever families spend more time together like during the holidays or summer vacations, the World Health Organization (WHO) also said such incidents occur more frequently during times of crises, such as epidemics, natural disasters, and wars. 

According to Axios, a police station near Wuhan (China) reported the number of domestic violence cases tripled in February 2020 when comparing last year’s figures within the same period. Illinois government officials and state law enforcement departments understand the significant risk of domestic violence during the stay-at-home order. 

Although domestic violence is a serious issue, not all allegations are based on facts. False claims often occur out of revenge or to gain leverage in family matters, such as child custody. 

Since many types of crimes are not as common because of the outbreak, the police will prioritize responding to domestic violence calls, which can lead to an arrest. The courts are still open to handle domestic violence and protective order proceedings. 

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