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How to Avoid a DUI on a Holiday Weekend


From the Fourth of July and Labor Day to Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, there are several holidays throughout the year that result in three- to four-day weekends for many Americans. While these long holiday weekends consist of gatherings with family and friends, road trips, and other fun activities, most of these festive events are associated with alcohol consumption. 

However, these holiday weekends are associated with a spike of drunk driving accidents and fatalities, which is why police departments throughout Illinois and other states increase the amount of officers out in patrol and set up more sobriety checkpoints during these times to ensure the roads are safe. If you decide to drink and drive during a holiday weekend, the likelihood of arrest significantly increases. 

In order to avoid a DUI and spending the long weekend behind bars, here are several actions you can take: 

  • Stay sober – If you decide not to drink, perhaps you can be a designated driver (DD) for a friend or two who wants to participate in the festivities. 

  • Find a DD – If you know someone who doesn’t consume alcohol or does not plan to drink at the event, ask him/her if he/she can be your designated driver. 

  • Take a rideshare service – Whether you can’t find a DD or he/she caved into peer pressure and decided to drink, you can also request a ride through the Uber or Lyft app on your cellphone. Be wary of surge pricing during the late evenings and early mornings, especially during the holidays. 

  • Find somewhere to spend the night – If the event you are attending is far away from your home, you can either rent a hotel or motel room, or ask a friend to stay with. The cost of a hotel room for the weekend will never be worth more than the cost of a DUI. 

  • Throw your own party – To stay away from the road entirely, just host the party. Make sure your guests have a place to sleep or have made prior arrangements to get home safe. 

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