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Can I Get My DUI Reduced in Illinois?


What is a Wet Reckless Charge in Illinois?

A DUI conviction in Illinois can result in driver’s license suspension, costly fines, and potentially jail time. However, under Illinois Law (Section 11-503) it is possible to get a DUI charge reduced to a reckless driving charge commonly known as “wet reckless.” through a plea bargain. A Wet Reckless charge is considered a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois and if convicted you could face a $2,500 fine and up to a year in jail.

The following are several factors the prosecution will consider when deciding to offer a reckless driving plea deal: 

  • First-time offender 

  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) was right at the legal limit (0.08 percent) 

  • You were polite to law enforcement officials and cooperated with their investigation 

  • You were not involved in an accident 

Although a DUI and reckless driving are both Class A misdemeanors, one of the main benefits of pleading down to the latter is that a conviction does not lead to license suspension. Without your driving privileges, it can be difficult to consistently commute to work or school, make important appointments, or perform household tasks, which is why it is important to do whatever it takes to keep your driver’s license. 

Pleading down to reckless driving will also result in being on “supervision,” requiring you to complete DUI-related education courses and paying fines. While violating the terms of your supervision can result in jail time, the State cannot take any action against your license. 

Furthermore, another benefit is not having a DUI conviction on your criminal record. The truth is your record looks significantly better with a reckless driving conviction, rather than a DUI conviction because of the negative connotation associated with drunk driving. 

Even if having your DUI charge pleaded down to a reckless driving charge is possible, it may not be in your best interest to take such action. Remember, agreeing to a plea deal means you choose conviction. So, if the prosecution’s argument against you is weak and there is a chance you could obtain a not-guilty verdict, you should fight the DUI charge instead. 

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