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When is Self Defense Considered Manslaughter?

We all have a right to protect ourselves from harm. If you are facing allegations of manslaughter, your attorney might be able to argue that it was in self-defense if there is enough proof that shows you believed the use of deadly force was essential for your safety. At the Law Office of Steven Fine in Chicago, our criminal defense attorney has over two decades of experience fighting on behalf of his clients and protecting their rights. Do not hesitate to obtain the skilled legal counsel you need.

Killing in Self Defense

Killing can be considered self-defense in cases where a defendant believed his or her safety and well-being were in imminent danger. The degree of force one uses, however, must be reasonable and necessary. Killing a person due to reckless actions or out of shock or rage, however, cannot be considered self-defense. For example, if a person was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and killed someone unintentionally in a collision, this would be considered involuntary manslaughter. If a husband walked in on his wife was cheating on him and subsequently murdered her lover, this would be an example of voluntary manslaughter. Neither of these examples could be considered self-defense.

Ultimately, whether a self-defense killing is considered manslaughter is determined on a case-by-case basis and requires an in-depth look at the facts. If you had enough time to call law enforcement to handle the situation, but chose to handle it yourself instead, chances are you will face manslaughter charges.

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