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How Long Does a Traffic Ticket Stay On Your Driving Record in IL?

How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record In Illinois?

In the State of Illinois, the Secretary of State will remove moving violations 4 to 5 years after the date of the conviction. Moving violations include the following criminal offenses:

  • Speeding
  • Disobeying a traffic control light
  • Disobeying a stop sign
  • Improper lane change

On the other hand, traffic tickets which lead to suspension or revocation of an individual’s driver’s license will stay on his or her driving record for at least seven years from the date of license reinstatement. DUI or DUID offenses will result in a permanent mark on your Illinois driving record.

To prevent a traffic ticket from showing up on your public driving record, you must seek court supervision or a dismissal. Not only do convictions count toward the suspension of your driver’s license, but can substantially impact insurance premiums.

In order to increase your chances of keeping your driving record clean, you must obtain legal assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you have received an Illinois traffic citation, reach out to the Law Office of Steven Fine and speak with Attorney Fine immediately to understand your next move.

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