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What Happens at an Arraignment in Illinois?


As soon as you are arrested for a criminal offense in Illinois, an arraignment will be scheduled for you to appear in court before a judge and prosecutor.

At an arraignment, you will be read the charges filed against you and the maximum penalties you face. In addition, this brief hearing will determine if you have retained a lawyer and, if so, who it is.

The most important aspect of an arraignment is whether you wish to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Keep in mind, you do not have to plead guilty, even if you committed the alleged crime. When you plead not guilty, your attorney and the prosecutor can negotiate the terms of your charges.

In many cases, criminal charges can be reduced and negotiated out of court. However, if you choose to plead guilty, the judge may enter a sentence during an arraignment. If you miss your arraignment, you will be issued a warrant for your arrest.

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