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College Students & Drug Possession


As many students wrap up their summers and begin the new year at college, other students may be facing the consequences of having a summer that was a bit too wild. It’s no secret that college is the time when young adults become curious about the effects of controlled substances, but many do not realize the consequences their actions could have on their college education if they are caught in possession of a controlled substance. In this blog, our Chicago drug crimes attorney discusses how a drug conviction could shut the door on many educational opportunities for college students.

Rescinded Admission

Many high school students, once they receive their admissions letter, they think it’s time to relax. Many do not realize their admission can be rescinded by college administrators if they find the student is not performing or adhering to the morals and standards of the school. In fact, studies have found that as many as 35% of all college admissions are revoked due to disciplinary reasons relating to drugs offenses, violence, cheating or theft.

Loss of Financial Aid

If a student using financial aid is convicted of a drug crime, they could be disqualified from receiving further federal student aid grants and loans. If you are convicted of a drug crime before the school year starts, you will be prohibited from collecting financial aid for a one year after the conviction. FAFSA understands that completely banning students from collecting on financial aid after a conviction severely limits their future ability to rehabilitate back into society, which is why students can apply to regain eligibility early if they successfully complete a drug rehab program.

Are You a College Student Facing Drug Charges?

If you are currently enrolled in college or are a college-bound high school student and you were arrested for drugs, retaining an experienced Chicago drug crimes lawyer is critical to your success. Often, young adults are unfamiliar with their rights when encountering the police, and in our experience, some police use this naiveté to their advantage. When you work with our legal team, we can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to verify your rights were not violated.

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