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Police Shootings


Ever since the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson (Missouri) last year, a national debate was ignited, exposing the federal government’s failure to properly track the use of deadly force by police. Using news reports and other public sources, the Washington Post had determined that 990 people were fatally shot by police in 2015. According to their data, 24 people have been killed by police, with three of those shootings involving a toy weapon or no weapons at all in Illinois. So far, 107 people have been shot dead by police this year.

Police officers have an ethical obligation to enforce the law and protect citizens. They work an arduous, dangerous profession under extremely stressful conditions. However, when law enforcement officials abuse their power and behave or act in a manner which violates or endangers an individual’s rights and life, we’re all in danger.

Our Chicago criminal defense attorney understands we place a great amount of trust in the police. However, any betrayal of that trust should not go unrecognized. At the Law Office of Steven Fine, we are committed to protecting victims involved in police shootings. Whether you’re in the middle of being arrested or caught in the crossfire, we’re here to protect you and expose the misconduct of people who are supposed to protect us.

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