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People v NW

Not Guilty - Dismissed - 5/2/2016

Not guilty - possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver

Police saw the defendant walking in a high crime area. The defendant fled as police approached her for questioning. The defendant was arrested after she admitted to the police that she had just bought narcotics. Attorney Fine challenged the illegal arrest of his client.

Attorney Fine's motion to quash arrest was granted. The case was dismissed.

People v LC

Not Guilty - 1/12/2016

Not guilty-4 counts of criminal sexual assault.

The victim testified that the client forced her to have sex. The victim's mother and brother testified that the client admitted to them that he raped the victim. The trial judge heard recorded conversations of the client admitting that he forced the victim to have sex.

The client was found not guilty.

People v JC

Not Guilty - 1/11/2016

Not guilty - battery

The victim and his wife testified that the client punched the victim in the face. The police observed the victim with a bloody nose. Photographs of the victim were presented at trial..

The client was found not guilty.

People v AM

Not Guilty - 1/10/2016

Not guilty - 2 counts of domestic battery.

The client's wife testified that the defendant punched her in the stomach. The client's step-son testified that the client punched him the arm.

Portions of the incident were recorded on a cellphone.

The matter went to trial. The client was found not guilty.

People v SS

Not Guilty - 12/17/2015

Officers observed the defendant throw 2 items to the ground as they approached him for an interview. The officer testified that both items landed on a grassy area near an house. At trial, Mr. Fine established that the officers never recovered items from the grassy area. The items were recovered on a porch and in a gangway. The second item was located about 25 feet from the first item.

People v JL

The case was dismissed. - 12/10/2015

The defendant was arrested after the police saw him run in a house while holding a gun. The officer testified at trial that the defendant was holding a gun in his hand as the police approached in a marked police case. The defendant allegedly ran to his house while the police chased him. The police entered the residence, detained the defendant and recovered a gun. The defendant admitted to the police that he was a convicted felony but had the gun for protection

Attorney Fine filed a motion to quash the arrest and suppress evidence. An investigator hired by Mr. Fine visited the site and photographed the scene. At the hearing, the judge determined that the photographic evidence rendered the officer's testimony not credible.

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Case Results


    Finding of not guilty.

  • People v WJ

    The defendant was found not guilty.

  • People v AM

    Not Guilty

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