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No one wants to face criminal charges. The possibility of a conviction brings with it jail time, fines, community service, the loss of freedom and a destroyed reputation in the community. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need to work with an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer to fight these charges.

At the Law Office of Steven Fine, we bring nearly 20 years of criminal law experience to every case we handle. Steven Fine has been selected for inclusion in the Illinois Super Lawyers list (top 5 percent of Illinois lawyers) and to the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network (peer-rated, top 5 percent of Illinois lawyers). Mr. Fine is also a member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and named to the Top 100 Trial Lawyers list by The National Trial Lawyers.

With an exclusive focus on criminal law, we are prepared to mount a powerful defense in your case. From our Chicago office, we represent clients throughout the area, including Cook County, Lake County, Will County and DuPage County, Illinois.

When seeking a criminal defense attorney to defend you, it is crucial that the lawyer you select is highly qualified and experienced in criminal cases and the criminal court system. You should not compromise your choice of an attorney. We understand that you have a choice of who you select to defend you in court. Discover why our firm is the best choice to represent you.

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Former Prosecutor Fighting For Your Rights

Although experience is important, the strongest legal representation requires an edge, some knowledge of the other side’s approach to criminal cases. Our criminal law attorney is a former prosecutor with the Cook County State Attorney’s Office.

This experience gives our firm some distinct advantages in defending your rights in the courtroom. Not only does it give us a comfort level with the laws and procedures, but it also gives us unique insight into the approach that the prosecutor will take in various criminal cases.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive, aggressive criminal defense.

Focused Representation ∙ All We Do Is Criminal Defense

We do not venture into other areas of legal practice. All we do is criminal defense. This gives our firm the focus and efficiency required to defend our clients against criminal charges that include:

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Violent Crimes
Violent crimes include assault and battery, with the intent to procure physical or harm or merely threaten harm to achieve an objective.
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Drug Crime Overview
Drug crimes are serious charges in the state of Illinois, and the penalties could be very severe no matter how much you are caught with.
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Weapon-related crimes and charges will have a serious impact on your record.
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Identity Theft/Fraud
If you or a family member is facing a theft or fraud charge, now is the time to seek out our help.
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DUI charges make your future endeavors very difficult. Having a DUI on your record is counterproductive to you in every aspect.
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Sex Offenses & Internet Offenses
Sex offense crimes and internet crimes have serious emotional ramifications for any individual. We will represent you in state or federal courts.
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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence charges are very emotional and complex accusations, which are oftentimes one-sided.
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Prostitution and solicitation are often mistaken for each other, but they are different crimes and have different penalties.
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Felony DUI
A felony DUI occurs when a person is a repeat offender or does physical harm to another individual while under the influence.
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Felony Crimes
Felonies are very serious crimes that have immense penalties such as long incarceration periods and hefty fines.
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There is a difference between misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are less severe, and have less severe penalties than felonies.
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Federal Crime
Federal crimes are handled in federal court. Many white collar crimes are federal crimes, and are handled much differently in federal courts than state courts.
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Illegal Search & Seizure
Cops perform illegal search and seizures constantly. Police officers must also follow the law - there are strict rules for search and seizures in Illinois.
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Possession of Fake ID
Fake ID charges are extremely serious. You need to make sure that you do everything to have these charges dropped.
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First Offender Probation
First offender probation is a better alternative to jail time, fines and a faulty permanent record.
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An expungement occurs when a criminal record is sealed, making the files unavailable for public access.
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